Our Mission

The purpose of this non-profit organization is:

  • To provide professional medical services and supplies to less fortunate individuals in various parts of the world;

  • to provide hope, encouragement and physical care that would not normally be available to the individual due to costs and/or availability; and

  • to share our love and gifts with others.

Meet our Board President

Luis Piedrahita, MD - President

Michael Baltazar,

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Luis Piedrahita, MD.  He has been helping the poor in Ecuador for 14 years.  For the first 10 years of his charitable work, he traveled with CAMTA, a medical mission charity based out of Canada.  Each year, he traveled with this group to Hospital Un Canto A La Vida, located in the south part of Quito, Ecuador.  A few years ago, he became aware of the need they have for total knee implants.  He decided that it was time to create a new group of medical practitioners that would specialize in providing the surgeries and immediate follow up care and therapy for patients in need of total knee replacements.  He put together a team, and the first year, 9 people traveled to Quito as the first team based out of Tucson, Arizona.  Since then, several additional trips have been made, and many more people have donated their time and skills to help the poor in Ecuador.


Radio Interview

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Murray Robertson, MD

Board Member

Melanie Daniel, FNP, RN

Board Member

Lori Bryant,


Luis Esparza, MD

Board Member


Gratitude for Dr. Piedrahita

Marty Esparza,

Board Member

Dr. Piedrahita,

Mi etiana gratitud por ser intesesor de los pobres porque gracias y usted y a su lucha por ayudar mi sueño de vivir sin dolor se ha hecho realidad.

       de Zoila Rios


Dr. Piedrahita,

You have my gratitude for being an intercessor for the poor and I am thankful for you and your fight to help my dream of living without pain has come true.

     From Zoila Rios

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