Our 2017 team consisted of: 

  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • Luis Esparza, MD

  • Brian Nielsen, MD

  • John Wild, Jr. MD  

  • Joshua Smith , MD  

  • Juan Peña, MD  

  • Dan Trimble, PA 

  • Becky Householder, RN   

  • Jessica Donaldson, RN    

  • Lori Bryant, PT  

  • Tal Milchan, PT   

  • Gloria Esparza-Valles, PT

  • Karl William McKendree, Surgery Asst. 

  • Lionel Yellowman, Surgery Asst. 

  • Jamie Wilson

  • Jonathan Van Ballenberghe, film maker

  • Zinnia Nielsen  

  • James Dempsey  

  • Nate Vance

  • Mark Thornburgh  


Our 2016 team consisted of:

  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • John Wild, MD 

  • Brent Walker, PA-C 

  • Gregory Franklin, DO 

  • Elson Revak, DO 

  • Annette Revak, MD 

  • Juan Pena MD 

  • Murray Robertson, MD 

  • Melanie Daniel, FNP, RN 

  • Lionel Yellowman, CSFC

  • Dara  Burgos, CSFC  

  • Lori Bryant, PT 

  • Tim McClain, Stryker rep 

  • Kevin Crawley, Stryker rep 

  • Connor Revak

  • Jillian Hoyt

  • Rebecca West 

  • Elizabeth West




Snapshot of Ecuador:


Half the people of Ecuador live in poverty, particularly in rural communities isolated from the resources of larger towns and cities. Nearly a third of Ecuador's 13 million citizens lack access to health services and two-thirds lack the means to pay for services.

Ecuador's ethnic groups descend from Spanish colonizers and South American Indians. The mix of these groups created a third category, described variously as mestizos or cholos. The fourth element consists of descendants of black slaves who arrived to work on coastal plantations in the 16th century. As of the 1980s, Indians and mestizos represented the bulk of the population, with each group accounting for roughly 40 percent of total population. Whites represented 10 to 15 percent and blacks the remaining 5 percent.



Local markets
Soccer Games.   
  Horseback riding and hiking

Ecuadorian cuisine:

Our 2015 team consisted of:

  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • Russell Cohen, MD

  • Murray Robertson, MD

  • Melanie Daniel, FNP, RN

  • Kevin Crawley

  • Luis Esparza, MD

  • Karina Maria Carrillo Rodriguez, MD

  • Angie Pendergrass

  • Juan Pena, MD

  • Roman Canedo

  • Tom Damore 

  • Sheridan Cohen

  • Gloria Valles, PT

Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse, varying with the altitude and associated agricultural conditions. Most regions in Ecuador follow the traditional three course meal of soup, a second course which includes rice and a protein such as meat or fish, and then dessert and coffee to finish. Supper is usually lighter, and sometimes consists only of coffee or herbal tea with bread.

In the highland region, pork, chicken, beef, and cuy (guinea pig) are popular and are served with a variety of grains (especially rice and corn) or potatoes.


Our 2014 team consisted of the following members:


  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • Deana Piedrahita, student 

  • Michael Parseghian, MD

  • Luis Esparza, MD

  • Allison Greening, MD

  • Juan Peña, MD

  • Jason Randall, PA

  • Lou Ann Negrete, PT

  • Brian Dial, Medical Resident

  • Tala Kassm, Medical Resident

  • Jordan Smith, Stryker rep

  • Gil Facio, Surgery Tech

  • Marty Esparza

  • Lori Bryant, PT


Ecuador Team 2013

Our 2013 team consisted of the following members:


  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • Russell Cohen, MD

  • Murray Robertson,MD

  • Jose Samson, MD

  • Melanie Daniel, FNP, RN

  • Bianca Hernandez, Surgery Tech

  • Jim Clowes, Surgery Tech

  • Jordan Smith, Stryker rep.

  • Michael Baltazar, volunteer

  • Marianna Caballero, volunteer


Cotopaxi -  19,347 feet

Most recent eruption - August 2015

Ecuador Team 2012

Our 2012 team consisted of the following members:

  • Luis Piedrahita, MD

  • Ed Petrow, DO

  • Laura Zimmerman, NP

  • Sarah Gude, MD resident

  • Zach Nandin, Surgery Tech

  • Jamison Trevino, Stryker rep

  • Jordan Smith, Stryker rep

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